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Thank you to those who have supported IONS through estate gifts over the years.

Melissa Marosy

Melissa Marosy believes the survival of the human race may lie in the hands of the IONS community. So the 21-year donor is using her estate plan to help the IONS mission continue. Read more


"As life-directors of the IONS board, we encourage members to allow their love for IONS to motivate them to include IONS in their estate plan so your passion can have an effect for years in the future. With our planned gift we hope to help IONS be able to continue its positive impact in the world and we invite you to join us with a generous planned gift of your own."
–Bruce and Nancy Roberts


"When one of my CDs matured, I decided to use the asset to set up a charitable gift annuity with IONS. It increased my monthly income and allows me to support IONS with an endowment at the end of my lifetime."
–Claire Russell


"I have been involved with five Community Groups over the years and our discussions and interactions are a vital part of the benefit IONS provides me. In my working years, supporting IONS meant including the Institute regularly in my benevolent giving. In my retirement years, it has meant increasing that giving and including the Institute in my estate planning."
–Keith Van Vliet, Author, Perception's Journey


"Creating a charitable remainder trust is a great economical deal; the government tax laws are encouraging us to do this."
–Richard Meyer, Leadership Circle Member


"I find IONS exploration of the interface of science and spirituality consistent with my convictions."
–Ruth Lofgren
PhD Microbiology


"It gives me great satisfaction to know that my bequest to IONS will contribute to future research projects."
–Sheila Davis

Donor Willis Harman

"Only one thing is essential—the inner decision to follow a deep sense of purpose and to consider all else feedback from a basically friendly universe."
–Willis Harman, IONS President 1978-1997

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