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Ruth Lofgren's Story


Ruth Lofgren, a retired microbiologist whose classes on beneficial bacteria drew crowds at the University of Michigan Medical School in the 1950s, who chose IONS as the recipient of a charitable gift annuity several years ago.

(Gift annuities provide fixed guaranteed payments to donors for life, leaving what remains in the account to benefit IONS at the donor's death. Because of her age, Ms. Lofgren is receiving payments of 11.3% of the face value of her gift.)

Ms. Lofgren finds IONS' exploration of the interface between science and spirituality consistent with her convictions. "You get to a place where conscious reasoning reaches its limits," she says. "You then enter the realm of mystical experiences."

Ms. Lofgren, whose unhesitating speech and clarity of expression reflects her years at the teacher's podium, speaks about her life as a university instructor, science teacher to troubled children, environmentalist, world traveler and peace advocate:

Over the years, she has traveled worldwide, visiting Asia, Central and South America, and Western and Eastern Europe. In January, San Antonio's peaceCENTER, an interfaith group working toward peace through prayer and education, named her their first ever "Peace Laureate." Her acceptance speech brought her a standing ovation.

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